Top 10 States To Avoid If You’re Living on Just a Social Security Check

Living on a Social Security check can be tough. Find out which states may make it even more challenging in this web story.


California's high living costs make it a challenging state for Social Security recipients. Discover why.


New York is known for its high rent and expenses. See how it impacts those on Social Security.

New York

Hawaii's paradise comes at a cost. Explore why it's not ideal for Social Security retirees.


Massachusetts may not be the best choice due to its high healthcare expenses. Learn more.


Alaska's remote location can lead to higher living expenses. See how it affects Social Security recipients.


Connecticut's cost of living may not align with Social Security budgets. Find out why.


Maryland's housing costs can be a burden on Social Security checks. Discover the details.


New Jersey's living expenses may not make it the best choice for Social Security retirees. Learn why.

New Jersey

Vermont's beautiful landscapes may come with a high price tag. Find out if it's suitable for Social Security living.


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