Top 10 Most Disobedient Dog Breeds You Can Own

Don't be fooled by their cute appearance; Dachshunds are notorious for their stubbornness. They'll dig holes in your garden and refuse to come when called.


Bulldogs are strong-willed and often have a mind of their own. Training them can be a real challenge, but their loyalty makes it all worthwhile.


These Japanese pups are known for their independence. They might give you a sassy side-eye when you ask them to sit, but they're incredibly smart.

Shiba Inu

Basenjis are often called "barkless dogs," but that doesn't mean they won't find other ways to make noise. They're escape artists and will follow their nose no matter where it leads.


These fluffy teddy bears have a stubborn streak. They'll decide when it's playtime and when it's nap time, and good luck trying to change their minds.

Chow Chow

Elegant and aloof, Afghan Hounds are independent thinkers. They love to chase after anything that moves, so be prepared for some impromptu sprints.

Afghan Hound

Beagles have an insatiable curiosity that can lead them into trouble. They'll follow their nose wherever it takes them, even if it's into your neighbor's garden.


These tall and elegant dogs have a strong prey drive. They'll chase anything that moves, and their recall skills might not always be up to par.


Bloodhounds are experts at tracking scents, but they're not always great at following commands. Their nose often leads them on adventures of their own.


These pint-sized dynamos are full of energy and mischief. They'll jump on tables, dig up your backyard, and make you wonder who's in charge.

Jack Russell Terrier

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