The 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Iceland, known for its stunning landscapes and low crime rate, tops the list as the world's most peaceful country.


New Zealand's breathtaking scenery and friendly locals contribute to its high peace index.

New Zealand

Portugal's rich history and peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect destination for travelers seeking serenity.


Austria's charming cities and commitment to diplomacy earn it a spot on this list.


With a strong social safety net, Denmark ensures a peaceful life for its citizens.


Switzerland's neutrality and stunning Alps contribute to its reputation as a peaceful nation.


Canada's multiculturalism and low crime rates make it a peaceful place to live.


Singapore's strict laws and cleanliness contribute to its peaceful environment


The Czech Republic's rich culture and historic towns create a tranquil atmosphere.

Czech Republic

Japan's emphasis on harmony and safety earns it a place among the world's most peaceful countries.


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