The 10 least expensive states to own a home

Mississippi tops our list as the most affordable state to own a home. With an average home price of just $145,000, it offers great value for homebuyers.2. 


Arkansas is another fantastic option for budget-conscious homeowners. You can find homes here for an average of $150,000.


West Virginia's scenic beauty and low home prices make it an attractive choice. The average home price is around $160,000.

West Virginia

Oklahoma offers a mix of affordability and diverse landscapes. The average home price in the state is approximately $165,000.


Known for its horse racing and bourbon, Kentucky also boasts affordable housing, with an average home price of $170,000.


Sweet home Alabama is indeed sweet for homebuyers. You can own a home here for an average of $175,000.


The Buckeye State, Ohio, offers affordable living with an average home price of $180,000.


Indiana's charm extends to its housing market, where you can find homes at an average price of $185,000.


Kansas offers a mix of city and rural living at an average home price of $190,000.


Iowa rounds off our list with an average home price of $195,000, making it a great choice for homeowners looking for affordability.


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