The 10 Largest Cities Safe From Climate Change Ranked

Sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and green infrastructure make Oslo a climate champion.

Oslo, Norway

Biking culture, wind energy, and efficient waste management keep Copenhagen green.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Eco-friendly transportation, clean energy, and green spaces define Stockholm's resilience.

Stockholm, Sweden

Canal restoration, cycling infrastructure, and sustainable urban planning keep Amsterdam above water.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Green rooftops, public transit, and renewable energy make Toronto a climate-conscious city.

Toronto, Canada

Sustainable development, carbon reduction, and a focus on nature preservation protect Vancouver.

Vancouver, Canada

Energy-efficient buildings, excellent public transportation, and conservation efforts secure Zurich's future.

Zurich, Switzerland

District heating, electric public transport, and waste-to-energy programs lead Helsinki's green revolution.

Helsinki, Finland

Renewable energy, coastal protection, and climate adaptation strategies safeguard Sydney.

Sydney, Australia

Geothermal heating, sustainable fishing practices, and eco-conscious tourism set Reykjavik apart.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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