10 Modern Dating Trends That Would Have Shocked Any Boomer

Remember the days of handwritten love letters? Today, it's all about disappearing into the digital abyss without a trace. Ghosting is the art of ending a relationship by simply not responding to messages. Boomer romance? Not a chance!

Ghosting Gone Wild

In the old days, you went on dates to figure out your status. Nowadays, it's all about the "Define the Relationship" talk. Before it's official, you've got to sit down and discuss your intentions. Boomer minds would've been blown!

DTR: Define the Relationship

Meeting people at bars? That's so last century. With online dating apps, you can find love while sipping your morning coffee. Boomers would have thought it's science fiction.

Online Dating Dominance

Forget about asking for a phone number; now it's all about sliding into those Direct Messages. It's like a secret language only Millennials and Gen Z understand.

Sliding into DMs

"Let's watch a movie" doesn't mean watching a movie anymore. It's a euphemism for something a bit more, shall we say, intimate. Boomers would've blushed!

Netflix and Chill

Boomers may have had JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), but the new generation has FOMO. You don't want to miss out on any potential dates or parties, so you keep your options open. Who can commit to just one date?

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

It's not enough to like the same music anymore. You've got to know your partner's love language and compatibility scores. It's like having a user manual for your relationship!

Love Languages and Compatibility Tests

Ghosting's cousin, slow fading, is when someone gradually responds less and less until the connection fades away. Boomers would have preferred a clean break!

Slow Fading

Yes, you read that right. Some couples actually create contracts to define the terms of their relationship. Love is now legally binding!

Relationship Contracts

Your relationship isn't real until it's "Instagram Official." Posting cute couple photos is the new way to say, "We're together, and the world needs to know!

The Instagram Official Relationship

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