Fittest States in the U.S., Ranked


In a nation that values fitness and well-being, it's important to know where your state stands. Let's dive into the rankings of the fittest states in the U.S. to see who's leading the way in health and wellness.


Texas kicks off our list at number 10. With a diverse fitness culture and a love for outdoor activities, the Lone Star State embraces a healthy lifestyle.


Michigan takes the ninth spot, thanks to its commitment to promoting physical activity and access to quality healthcare.

New York

New York's bustling cities and thriving fitness communities earn it the eighth position on our list.


Known for its outdoor adventures, Colorado ranks seventh for its active population and emphasis on wellness.


Washington State shines at number six, boasting a balanced approach to fitness and healthcare.


In fifth place, Massachusetts impresses with its low obesity rates and health-conscious residents.


The Golden State comes in fourth, with its sunny weather and fitness-focused culture.

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Vermont takes bronze with its dedication to physical activity and promoting healthy living.


Hawaii's paradise setting and active lifestyle place it at the second spot in our rankings.


And the title of the fittest state goes to... Utah! With its stunning natural landscapes and a strong emphasis on fitness, Utah leads the nation in health and wellness.

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