Common Cat Myths That Simply Aren't True Ranked


"Let's unravel the truth behind some popular cat myths."

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

Cats Always Land on Their Feet. Fact: Cats usually land on their feet, but not always."

Cats Hate Water

Cats Hate Water. Fact: Some cats enjoy water play, while others don't mind occasional baths."

Cats Have Nine Lives

Cats Have Nine Lives. Fact: Cats have one life, just like any other living creature."

Cats Purrs Only When Happy

Cats Purr Only When Happy. Fact: Cats purr for various reasons, including stress and pain."

Cats Can See in Total Darkness

Cats Can See in Total Darkness. Fact: Cats have excellent night vision but still need some light."

Cats Always Land Safely from High Falls

Cats Always Land Safely from High Falls. Fact: Cats can often survive falls, but not always unharmed."

All Cats Hate Dogs

All Cats Hate Dogs. Fact: Cats' relationships with dogs vary; some become best buddies."

Cats Love Milk

Cats Love Milk. Fact: Many cats are lactose intolerant, and milk can upset their stomachs."

Cats Can't Be Trained

Cats Can't Be Trained. Fact: Cats can learn tricks and behaviors with patience and positive reinforcement."

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