11 Signs You’re Unofficially Dating & It’s Time To Make A Plan

Unofficially dating someone can be confusing. In this web story, we'll help you decode the signs and understand when it's time to make a plan.


When you find yourselves talking or texting every day, it's a sign that you're more than just friends.

Frequent Communication

If you're spending most of your free time together, you're on your way to something more than casual.

Exclusive Hangouts

Are you opening up about personal stuff? Emotional intimacy is a strong indicator of unofficial dating.

Emotional Connection

When future plans include both of you, it's time to address the relationship's status.

Future Planning

Introducing each other to friends and family is a big step towards making it official.

Meeting Friends & Family

Cute pet names and shared jokes are signs of a deepening connection.

Pet Names & Inside Jokes

Are you comfortable showing affection in public? It's a hint that you're more than friends.

Public Affection

If you've had discussions about the future, it's time to define the relationship.

Relationship Talks

Have you agreed to be exclusive? This is a significant step towards official dating.


Being each other's support during tough times shows a strong emotional bond.

Support System

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