11 Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks You Never Knew About


iPhones are packed with features, and some are so hidden that you might not know they exist. In this presentation, we'll unveil 11 secret iPhone tips and tricks that will enhance your Apple experience.

Shake to Undo

– Tip: Shake your iPhone to undo typing or actions. – Instructions: Simply shake your device, and a pop-up will appear allowing you to undo your last action.


– Tip: Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. – Instructions: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier and enable it. Triple-click the Home or Side button to activate it.

Hidden Level Tool

– Tip: Use your iPhone as a level tool. – Instructions: Open the Compass app and swipe left to reveal the level tool.

Custom Vibrations

– Tip: Create custom vibrations for contacts. – Instructions: Go to Contacts > Select Contact > Edit > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.

Hidden Trackpad

– Tip: Create custom vibrations for contacts. – Tip: Turn your keyboard into a trackpad. – Instructions: On the keyboard, press and hold the spacebar until the keys grey out. Now, you can move your cursor freely.

Backspace Swiping

– Tip: Swipe left on the iOS keyboard to quickly delete text. – Instructions: Swipe left on the keyboard to delete one word at a time.

Quick Camera Access

– Tip: Quickly access the camera from the lock screen. – Instructions: Swipe left on the lock screen to open the camera without unlocking your iPhone.

Siri Text Editing

– Tip: Use Siri for text editing. – Instructions: Activate Siri and say, "Change [word/phrase] to [correct word/phrase]."

Bedtime Mode

– Tip: Set up Bedtime Mode for better sleep. – Instructions: Open the Clock app > Bedtime > Set your sleep schedule.

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