10 Reasons Why People Just Don’t Like California

The cost of living in California is sky-high, from housing to everyday expenses. It's a major drawback for many.

High Living Costs

The traffic congestion in California's major cities can be a daily headache.

Traffic Nightmares

Californians often experience overcrowded spaces, be it beaches or public transport.


The state's susceptibility to wildfires can be terrifying, making it less appealing to some.


California's seismic activity can be a real concern for those who worry about their safety.


Water scarcity and droughts in California are ongoing issues that impact residents' lives.


The state's prestigious universities come with a hefty price tag, discouraging some from pursuing higher education in California.

Expensive Education

Despite its prosperity, California faces stark income inequality, which can be disheartening for many.


The homelessness crisis in California's major cities is a social issue that troubles some residents.


From mudslides to tsunamis, California's exposure to natural disasters can be unsettling.

Natural Disasters

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