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To follow Jesus when he said, “Go into all the world…”continues to be the Northport Congregation’s mission as we endeavor to support a mission effort locally and on every continent.

For the last eleven years we have supported efforts in Africa (Tanzania), Russia (Syktyvkar), and for the past six years in Jamaica (Greater Portmore). Once, we also took part in a medical mission trip to South America. In the United States, we have coordinated mission trips to Meeker, Colorado and Long Island, New York.


Through these efforts, thousands have heard of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and hundreds have been adopted into God’s family.  In addition, through our weekly skype school and World Bible School programs, individuals the world round are converted throughout the year.  The church also supports children’s homes, TV evangelist programs, and Indian Creek Youth Camp.  We conduct monthly evangelistic efforts with the National Guard Armory, with the residents of North River Village, and the Presbyterian Apts.  We always give the Lord the glory for all of His increase and for every opportunity to help a wandering pilgrim or do a golden deed.


Yearly, on our “Mission Sunday”, all of the contribution goes to our mission projects.  In addition, many men have benefited from the Northport Scholarship program and have become able ministers of the Gospel.  The church here is a shining example of what a congregation can achieve with faithfulness to God’s call to bring in the weary ones.

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