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Date Night

Date NightThis year we’re inviting you to join us for the #NorthportDates.

Great marriages don’t just happen. Our lives get busy and despite our best intentions, we neglect the person that means the most to us. So, for  2017, we’re challenging all married couples to plan at least 12 intentional dates. Date nights give you time to reconnect with your spouse. They provide a time to de-stress from everyday life. They’re an opportunity to try something new together as a couple. That’s why this year we want to partner with you to make Date Nights a priority.
To join The Date Night Challenge, email You’ll receive a monthly reminder that includes the date and hosts for free childcare at our building as well as suggested date night ideas for that month. Share your dates with us on social media using #NorthportDates, and you may win a date on us! We’ll pick a new winner every month! To get you started, here is a list of ideas for dates in the Northport area:


Spiritual Formation


Family Devotionals logoKids can be a tough crowd, especially when you’re trying to teach them something so sitting down and having a family devotional can be pretty intimidating. Our Family Devotional series takes all the pressure off you with short innovative lessons that will capture your toddlers attention and teach them a Biblical truth. You can download any of our Family Devotionals here and some activities to do along with the lesson here




Below are lists of Bible facts. For each list that a child completes, he or she will earn a stamp in their Bible Aventures Passport.

We hope that, by emphasizing these facts in Bible class and Pew Packers, we are helping to instill Bible basics in the hearts of our precious children.

Stamp #1 – Read a book of the Bible

Stamp #2 – What are the steps to salvation?

Stamp #3 -Name the books of the Old Testament

Stamp #4 -What are the books of Moses about
– Genesis – Creation, Flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph
– Exodus – leaving Egypt; receiving the law
– Leviticus – how to be holy; sacrifices
– Numbers – Spying out the Promised Land; Wilderness Wandering
– Deuteronomy – Moses teaches Israel about loving God

Stamp #5 – What are the books of history about?
– Joshua – Conquering Canaan
– Judges – God raising rulers to lead Israel
– Ruth – Noami and Ruth; Boaz marries Ruth
– 1st & 2nd Samuel – King Saul & King David
– 1st & 2nd Kings – King Solomon, United & Divided Kingdoms, Israel loses Promised Land
– 1st & 2nd Chronicles – Kings ruling Israel; focus on the Temple
– Ezra – People return to Jerusalem, rebuild the Temple
– Nehemiah – Rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls
– Esther – Jewish Queen of Persia saves her people

Stamp #6 – Memorize a chapter of the Bible

Stamp #7 – What are the books of poetry about?
– Job – A suffering man keeps his faith in God
– Psalms – praying and singing to God
– Proverbs – Fearing God; having wisdom
– Ecclesiastes – Searching for the meaning of life
– Song of Solomon – Husband & wife loving each other

Stamp #8 – What are the prophets about?
– Isaiah – Telling of Zion and God’s Suffering Servant
– Jeremiah – Warns of Babylonian captivity
– Lamentations – Being sorry for sin
– Ezekiel – God’s glory leaving and returning to the Temple
– Daniel – Serving God in a foreign land
– 12 Minor Prophets – God’s coming judgment; repent and turn back to God

Stamp #9 -What are the divisions of the Old Testament (Click here for graphic)
– Law of Moses
– Books of History
– Books of Poetry
– Major Prophets
– Minor Prophets

Stamp #10 – Memorize the books of the New Testament

Stamp #11 -Name the divisions of the New Testament
– Gospels
– History
– Paul’s letters
– General Letters
– Revelation

Stamp #12 – What is the point of each Gospel & Acts?
– Matthew – Jesus is King
– Mark – Jesus is the Servant
– Luke – Jesus is the Savior of everyone
– John – Believe that Jesus is the Son of God
– Acts – When the Gospel is taught the church grows

Stamp #13 – Memorize a verse of the Bible

Stamp #14 – Know the answers to these four questions…
– What is the Bible in 3 points? (1. Old Testament – Jesus is coming soon; 2. Gospels – Jesus is here; 3. General letters – Revelation – Jesus is coming again)
– How many books in the Old Testament (39)
– How many books in the New Testament (27)
– How many books in the whole Bible (66)

Stamp #15 – Maps – Label the bodies of water
– Jordan River
– Dead Sea
– Mediterranean Sea
– Sea of Galilee
– Red Sea
– Euphrates River
– Tigris River
– Nile River

Stamp #16 – What are the letters of Paul about?
– Romans – Being right with God thru faith in Christ
– 1st & 2nd Corinthians – a church with questions and problems
– Galatians – Saved by grace thru faith in Jesus
– Ephesians – God’s new people in Jesus
– Philippians – Rejoice in the Lord
– Colossians – All people can be complete in Christ
– 1st & 2nd Thessalonians – Jesus’ 2nd coming; work til He comes
– 1st & 2nd Timothy – How to act in the church
– Titus – Instructions for younger and older people
– Philemon – A runaway slave becomes a Christian

Stamp #17 -What are the general letters & Revelation about?
– Hebrews – Christ is greater and better than the Law of Moses
– James – practical living for Jesus
– 1st Peter – Suffering for Jesus
– 2nd Peter – Being ready for Jesus’ return
– 1st, 2nd & 3rd John – Staying in God’s love
– Jude – Fight for the faith
– Revelation – Jesus wins!

Stamp #18 -Name the Apostles (Click here for the Apostles song)

Stamp #19 -Name the 10 plagues

Stamp #20 -Maps – Label Bible countries
– Egypt
– Israel (united kingdom)
– Moab
– Babylon
– Assyria

Stamp #21 -Maps – Label Cities of Israel
– Jerusalem
– Nazareth
– Caesarea Philippi
– Bethlehem
– Damascus
– Samaria

Stamp #22 -What are the days of Creation?

Stamp #23 – Read the entire Bible

Stamp #24 -Maps – Label tribes of Israel (Click for blank map and named map)


If you’re looking for a book to read to your kids you don’t have to look far! There are tons of them, but which ones are the best? The very best books not only entertain kids, but also allow us to teach a spiritual lesson. How often do you Ridiculous Giraffe Book Club Logoread the same book? We have a large library of books for our preschoolers, but even then find ourselves reading them over and over. It’s a great opportunity to teach a very quick spiritual lesson over and over too.  I want to read books to my kids that make that possible, but before now I didn’t know which books did that! With this in mind we bring to you The Ridiculous Giraffe Book Club: Book Reviews for Preschoolers! We’ll read a book, tell you the story, review the graphics and then give you the spiritual significance behind the story. We’ll even put a link to the book on Amazon for when you want to pick up your own copy!  This is the homepage for the Ridiculous Giraffe Book Club and this will take you to some fun extra activities that go along with the book

The 3rd Wednesday of the month is special at Northport! Every 3rd Wednesday we bring in a guest speaker to talk to our adult auditorium class about various topics so it’s special for our adults. Adventureland is what makes 3rd Wednesdays special for our Preschool-3rd grade classes! We have two large groups (Preschool & K-3rd) and rotate thru a couple different activities during the night. You might see a puppet skit or even a live skit with real people or a movie, you might make a craft or be involved in a service project for our congregation or community, you might get to eat weird foods or even meet a Bible character who has come to tell us their story. Sometimes we even record these. Here and here and here are some of the more recent ones. Come adventure with us thru the Bible!


Every kid loPopsicle Theatre logoves movies. Usually we sit them down in front of a cartoon, but why not maximize that time? They’re locked in and in that moment they’re teachable. That’s why we’re producing our Popsicle Theatre and other Bible based movies. Your children get to watch as our popsicles teach a story from the Bible, hear a song, learn about an Apostle and more. Below you’ll be able to watch our Moe & the Popsicle Exodus. For more Popsicle Theatre visit our YouTube Channel here.



Fun Resources

Quality time with your family only comes with quantity time so we’re providing some great

resources for you and your kids to enjoy! Grab our pirate map and go on a Treasure Hunt

Every Tuesday at 10AM our Preschool children enjoy stories, songs, and snacks with Cindy Middleton! This is a great time to get to know other Preschool parents in our congregation as well as a fun hour for your child. Come check it out!
Every Tuesday and Thursday our local movie theater shows free kid movies at 10AM. We’ll be going to see various movies throughout the summer. Check the calendar for which movie! To see the list of movies click here.


Parenting Book Reviews

Daddy DatesIf you want to catch something you’ve got to chase it. Greg Wright works off this philosophy in his book. If you want to know your daughter you must pursue her with the intent of knowing her heart. He does this not only in daily life, but in something he calls Daddy Dates. He recognizes an interest one of his daughters has, let’s say books, and takes her to dinner and a bookstore.

His goal during dinner is to pick her brain and see how she thinks…read more