Glenn Taylor

  • Be or Do

    I recently heard a speaker make the observation that instead of putting the emphasis on what GOD wants us to do, maybe we should first emphasize what GOD wants us to be. Now this is not to say our “do” … Continue reading

  • The Cliffs Notes

    When I was in high school I did not particularly enjoy reading.  Of course there were many books assigned for us to read and on which we were to write reports.  I can still remember several assignments such as The … Continue reading

  • Health Tips

    I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health.  3rd John, verse 2 John began his short letter to Gaius with a simple prayer for him to be in good health. How we all wish for … Continue reading

  • My Life According To

    I read an interesting paper once that described how television influences the way people see the world around them.  There is no denying the effect that the world’s most potent communications instrument has on the viewers. I have long railed … Continue reading

  • Fatherhood in 5 Passages

    I am passionate about several subjects.  If you get me talking about them you might not be able to quiet me.  Some of these are: what constitutes being a man, the home and marriage, financial management, and parenting particularly as … Continue reading

  • Blood

    I am one of those people who gets queasy at the sight of blood.  I remember when my wife and I had our blood tests before we got married.  I sat down and made it through my procedure fine but … Continue reading

  • G

    Today my Teresa and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  What has happened in 40 years?  We’ve lived in 7 different homes, in 3 cities, received a total of 4 degrees from 3 institutions, been blessed with 2 sons, later … Continue reading

  • The Crisis of Our Day

    Leadership is the great crisis of our day in the church.  Such an observation has been made by many.  The Bible relates many examples of leadership.  Consider Ezra.  In the closing events of the Old Testament when GOD’S people were … Continue reading

  • How Do You Explain GOD?

    How do you explain the fact GOD had no beginning?  Or explain His omniscience (all knowing) or His omnipotence (all powerful) or His omnipresence (everywhere present)? The problem with trying to explain any of these is that we are trying … Continue reading

  • Cinco de Mayo

    A number of years ago before our younger son graduated from the local university, his mother and I had an evening out that we laugh about to this day.  It was not unusual for us to go to the college … Continue reading

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